Message for You...

As I sit here pondering everything going on, I find myself questioning where to start.  First, let me say that I hope everyone had a safe New Year.  The fact that it is almost February is a true testament to how time seems like it is flying.  As January comes to an end, the question I am most asked is, ‘when are you going to be in your new building?’  It has been a journey these past 14 months getting up to speed on the progress and doing everything possible to ensure the building is everything we expect.

Previously, I shared several substantial complete dates that came and went.  As you may recall, the substantial complete date is when the building is turned over to us as the owner.  I am hopeful as I write this that when I share our new substantial complete date in March 2019 that it will not change again!  Work is progressing and much has been done.  The warehouse, garage and truck shelters are undergoing work to address the final punch list items.  If you ask yourself what does she mean by punch list, let me elaborate.  While we monitor the construction process, once determined the construction is complete, we have the opportunity to do a final review  / walk through of the facility and point out any items that do not meet our expectations and place those items on a list be addressed called a “punch list’.  Completion of the punch list means that we are ready to accept the building.

While some buildings (garage, warehouse and truck shelter) are complete, some things remain incomplete.  The work in our main office is rapidly progressing.  Efforts to address prior concerns like water intrusion continue.  We will be doing testing to ensure no water leaks exist now that the roof is near completion.  Furniture and carpet installation, as well as painting, are underway making the office look like, well, an office.  From the beginning as a large vacant field to what we see now is a huge change.  We are addressing entrance way accessibility now that our turning lanes have been completed by NC DOT.  Once everything is done and we finally move, we will look forward to showing the building to you.  While the move is in the near future, let me share again that we are working to ensure we still maintain a presence in Red Springs.  As we determine where, we will let you know.

As we move rapidly into 2019, we appreciate our members and the support provided so we can focus on enhancing the quality of life for everyone and the communities we serve.

Message from Your CEO - February 2019 SHunt_sign.png Carmen E. Dietrich, President & CEO