Message for You...

So much happens around us every day that it can be easy to miss other important happenings that will eventually impact our lives.  Each of us should periodically take time to extend our focus to things happening outside of our local community.  Your electric cooperative is no different.

Recently, Lumbee River EMC and other electric cooperatives met in Raleigh to discuss important legislation with our elected officials.  The issue of broadband service to rural North Carolina continues to be a hot topic of conversation.  There are several bills that electric cooperatives are supporting that would bridge the digital divide and provide the ability to get the same basic high-speed internet access as urban areas enjoy.  Both the House Bill (H 387) and the Senate Bill (S 310) would facilitate the deployment of high-speed broadband to areas where it is lacking or unavailable by removing barriers that hinder widespread availability.  It would allow access to federal broadband funds and provide greater flexibility to electric cooperatives when structuring terms and conditions with potential broadband partners.

Another issue that electric cooperatives are supporting relates to the preparation of Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption by us all.  EVs are becoming a more accessible transportation option for many.  As EV adoption rates increase, it can bring economic and environmental benefits to our area.  House Bill 329 allows a person or business to own and operate an EV charger for the purpose of reselling electricity by kWh to an EV.  Simply put, it permits third party installation of EV charging stations as long as the resold electricity is procured from the local electric utility and is used exclusively for EV charging.  It may seem like a simple subject, but the concept of future vehicle use and access is changing.  Sure, we are used to seeing everyone at a station filling up with gas, but how many charging stations do you see when you are running your errands?  Easy access to charging stations is key to overcoming range anxiety for potential EV owners.

The one consistent message that we always carry to our legislators is to take a comprehensive approach to any energy legislation.  We want to engage our representatives on any issue that could have higher cost implications for us and you, our member.  Soon it will be time to take our message to Washington DC.  Always remember that Lumbee River EMC is working to enhance the quality of life for our members and the communities we serve.

Message from Your CEO - May 2019 SHunt_sign.png Carmen E. Dietrich, President & CEO