To establish or transfer your electric service with Lumbee River EMC, simply give us a call at 910-843-4131 or 800-683-5571 or stop by any of our convenient office locations. Just by answering a few questions, one of our Member Accounts Representatives can help you get your electric service account set up.


To Establish Service We Will Need The Following Information




Social Security Number


Telephone Number


Mailing Address


Date of Birth


Service Address


Photo Identification

Other Important Information

  • You must sign a membership card
  • You must pay a membership fee
  • A security deposit may be required
  • You must pay a connection fee
  • An electrical inspection is required before electricity can be turned on under the following circumstances:
    • a newly constructed home or business
    • a newly-wired home or business

Residential Service Application

Residential application for service can be made at any of our 5 conveniently located offices. For your further convenience, you may download a copy of the residential application for service and submit it to our office via fax, email or standard mail. By submitting an application by phone, fax, email or standard mail, you accept the terms and conditions as outlined in the application for membership.

To ensure the protection of personal information, you may call our office at (910) 843-4131 or (800) 683-5571 to speak to one of our member services representatives and apply for service over the phone. With all new service applications, a picture ID and security deposit may be required based on the applicant's credit score.

Click the link below to access our Residential Service Application.

Application for Service

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    Have you had previous electric service with Lumbee River EMC?

    Application For

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    Contact Details

    Date that you want this service in your name*

    *  All applications for service are subject to approval and/or credit check.
    *  Service will not be established in Applicant’s name until all applicable fees are paid.
    *  By submitting this application, the Applicant acknowledges that a photo ID and Social Security Verification may be required and agrees to provide one if requested.