Message for You...

Time seems to be flying!  As I am writing this, August 2018 is here.  By the time you get this, September will be knocking on the door!  For those that travel the stretch of Hwy 711 between Pembroke and Lumberton, you can’t help but notice the progress being made on our new headquarters (HQ) facility.  As previously shared, the substantial completion date is still October 17th; however there is still much work to be done to make the move from our current location to the new one.

I don’t know if you have ever moved before, but the coordination required to ensure a smooth transition is extensive!  First and foremost is how we do this move with minimal impact to our membership while they continue to transact business during normal business hours.  Once our actual move date is set, a plethora of communications will then take place.  For those who come into our Red Springs office, they will see a BIG sign in our lobby indicating how many days until operations cease in Red Springs.  Efforts are underway to provide a payment kiosk option at a local business in Red Springs so that individuals can still have the convenience of paying in Red Springs.  The installations of the 24/7 payment kiosk outside our Lumberton office and our North office have been well received and their utilization continues to increase.  For those that prefer the convenience of not leaving home, we have implemented extended call center hours (7 AM to 7 PM), online chat capability, on-hold return calls and courtesy outbound calls relating to forgotten payments. All of these services are designed to give our membership multiple options for business transactions.

For months, our team has been evaluating what is needed related to the move of our HQ building.  An exhaustive review of documents and files was completed to discard what is no longer needed and what must make the journey with us.  Plans to relocate our garage and warehouse facility require coordination with vendors and suppliers to start deliveries at the new location to minimize the time and expense to move those items a second time.  While our phone numbers will remain the same, our post office information will change.  Our physical address will change and we will miss Red Springs.  With that said, what will not change is our commitment to you to consider your needs and the impact to you during this time of transition.  We will always do our best to enhance the quality of life for our members and our communities.

Message from Your CEO - September 2018 SHunt_sign.png Carmen E. Dietrich, President & CEO