Message for You...

In January, I shared that LREMC was turning our focus on ways to streamline your phone interactions and personal contact with us.  We often receive comments and questions relating to the time you wait associated with phone calls to us and with making payments in our offices.  To reduce the amount of time a member waits on the phone, we established a relationship with an organization to help answer our calls on our busiest days.  As we go forward, we will evaluate expanding that assistance to after-hours and outage related calls.  As a reminder, we still offer a call-back option to minimize your time on hold.  The call volume on some days is busier than normal, often driven by last minute requests for payment arrangements.  LREMC’s courtesy outbound call in the evenings to individuals who may have forgotten to call offers a chance to get a payment arrangement and allow the member to avoid that next day call.  In addition, expanded SmartHub application capabilities will also provide important reminders.

Besides new services, we also discussed member costs and what drives them.  LREMC is excited to offer our members a new tool for energy usage breakdowns and targeted energy-savings recommendations.  Articles about energy efficiency and ways to save money is great, but a tool that you can use to see real dollar savings based on YOUR personal use at YOUR home is fantastic!  I encourage you to read the article in this newsletter titled ‘New Energy AdvisoryTM Tool.  While LREMC promises to do our best to control our costs and our rates, your efforts to control your costs are equally important.  As we move closer to our anticipated rate study, I am hopeful that LREMC’s electric rates will continue to be competitive or lower that those utilities around us.

Last, keeping my promise to update you on our new headquarters (HQ) building, weather and material delays have pushed the date from the end of July to the end of October 2018 for the building to be turned over to us.  Construction is progressing though and our internal planning is in full force for the eventual move.

As I conclude this month’s column, I want to congratulate our winners for the Safety Billboard Contest!  Join me in seeing their efforts on local billboards.  With May being National Electrical Safety Month, it is great to see our youth engaged with safety awareness.   Safety remains #1 at LREMC as we improve the quality of life for our members and the communities we serve.

Message from Your CEO - May 2018 SHunt_sign.png Carmen E. Dietrich, President & CEO