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Become a Member

Membership Fee, Security Deposit, and Connection Fees:

In order to secure electric service, a new member must pay a membership fee, pay an appropriate security deposit and connection fee. 

Every member is required to pay a $10 membership fee & sign a membership card. If the card is mailed to you, it is a requirement that the card is signed and returned to the headquarters office. The membership fee is refundable upon termination of membership.

The security deposit you pay is dependent upon your credit rating & can range from $300 to 2X the average electric bill at the residence.  The security deposit begins earning interest after 90 days & will be automatically credited to your account upon termination of membership or upon reaching 24 months of service with no incurred late fees.

The security deposit may be waived if a member has an acceptable credit rating or the following alternatives are in place prior to connection of electric service:

  • Guarantor Contract/Co-Signer - The co-signer must be a member of this co-op in good standing for two years and sign a guarantor contract stating that he/she will be responsible for up to the amount of the deposit if the final bill is not paid in full;
  • Army Waiver from Fort Bragg Housing.

​​In addition to the membership fee & security deposit, a non-refundable meter connection fee of $23.54 is charged for every meter connected.

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